Most Common Types of Mood Disorders

Mood disorders affect thousands of people in and around San Antonio, some of whom have no clue there is even a problem. Mood disorders affect people of all ages, although symptoms can be very different in children versus adults. People suffering from mood disorders often find themselves acting out in abnormal ways that often cause trouble in their daily lifestyle and in relationships with others. Luckily, treatment options are available and include medications, counseling, ECT, and other psychiatric services san antonio.

Some of the most common mood disorders affecting people in the San Antonio area include:

·    Major Depression: Major depression is symptomized by feelings of sadness, inadequacy, loss of interest, and/or suicidal thoughts for a period of two weeks or more. Depression is the most common mood disorder in the U.S.

·    Bipolar Disorder: Also known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is characterized by periods of high and periods of low during which time the person may engage in activities that they usually do not.

·    Dysthymia: This is a condition that has a low-grade depressive state and irritable mood for a period of two years or more.

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Mood disorders can be caused by many factors. For many people it is a combination of factors that cause the condition. An imbalance in the chemicals in the brain is ultimately responsible for mood disorders. This can be caused by alcohol or drug use, stress, life events, and tragedies. Mood disorders tend to be genetic.

Anyone can develop a mood disorder. People with family members who’ve sustained a mood disorder are at a greater risk of developing the conditions themselves. People who face constant stress and who use drugs and/or alcohol also are at a greater risk. Doctors can help treat mood disorders of all severity and help the patient get back to the normalcy they need in life.