How to Keep Mold Off Your Drywall

Mold is a common problem in Aurora homes, much to the dismay of homeowners. The fungi causes many upper respiratory problems, particularly for people affected by asthma, as well as kids and seniors.  Depreciated appearance is another reason mold isn’t what anyone wants to see in the home. Drywall is a common location for mold growth. Use the following tips to reduce mold growth on the drywall in your home.

1- Act Fast

At the first sign of mold growth, call out a professional mediation specialist or use an effective DIY removal process. Do not think that wiping off the drywall is an effective solution. You must identify the source of the mold growth and eliminate it there before the problem will cease. The sooner you respond to a mold problem, the less worry and damage to the home or to your loved ones.

2- Water and Bleach

Water and bleach is a great mold solution when it is caught in the early stages. Simply mix ½ cup bleach with 1 cup water to eliminate mold. Make sure the area is well-ventilated should you opt or a DIY job.

3- Vinegar and Water

People looking for a more natural model rival technique like the results offered from a vinegar and water solution. This is easy to make at home by combining equal parts vinegar and water and using it to clean the mold.

4- Call a Pro

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Some mold growth damages the drywall in the home. In such case, call a professional to arrange drywall repair aurora co. Damaged drywall can lead to many problems and expenses to repair, but you can easily resolve the problem with the help offered by an expert.

Use the information above to ensure mold isn’t a problem in your home and to remove it quickly if it is spotted.