Protection Tips For GI Distress

For those that have issues with their bowels and stomach finding relief when they become inflamed or irritated is a top priority.  The feeling as if you are going to be sick or if you are going to explode from gas is not a happy feeling.  The first step is to contact the charleston gi doctors and make an appointment.  There they will review your situation and give you options to resolve your issues.  Before then however, you can try these tips.

Don’t eat late at night

One of the biggest issues I personally have to deal with is if I eat later at night.  If I were to eat a piece of chocolate and have some soda or maybe mix in a slice of pizza I would go to sleep and then wake up an hour or so later with the sweats and the feeling that I had to vomit. 

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To avoid this feeling, I started to stop eating after eight at night.  I would refrain from eating and drinking things like beer, soda and other foods that would cause acid reflux.  By doing so I have severely reduced my reaction to gut problems.


Another component to your gut issues can be found from stress.  When we are stressed, we tend to irritate our guts.  We tend to stay up late and when stressed we tend to turn to comfort foods that as stated can be damaging to our gut health.  To help keep our guts healthy try to keep your stress under control.

Stop stressing over things that you can’t control.  Stop stressing over bills, work, kids and things that won’t improve your lives.  When you control your stress your gut will be calmer as well as your ability to manage and focus on issues that cause the stress. 

Finally, connect with your doctor for other recommendations.  Working together you can keep your gut and overall health up and running well.